Where the hell is “HYPERVISOR_MEM” in OpenNebula 4.6?

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This was the question I asked myself when I saw no mention of HYPERVISOR_MEM in file /etc/one/sched.conf. It is the percentage of memory reserved for Hypervisor use.

# HYPERVISOR_MEM: Fraction of total MEMORY reserved for the hypervisor.
# E.g. 0.1 means that only 90% of the total MEMORY will be used


.. will reserve 40% of the total memory for OpenNebula (only 60% RAM will be available for guest VMs). You can choose to over-commit resources by simply specifying a negative value:


This  is  was the preferred method to over-commit resources in OpenNebula.

Well, now things have got even more easier since OpenNebula v4.6. HYPERVISOR_MEM is deprecated now – instead set RESERVED_MEM and RESERVED_CPU attributes to the host via Sunstone -> Infrastructure -> Hosts -> [host]

  • RESERVED_CPU in percentage. It will be subtracted from the TOTAL CPU
  • RESERVED_MEM in KB. It will be subtracted from the TOTAL MEM

These values can be negative, in that case you’ll be actually increasing the overall capacity so over-commiting host capacity